Terms & Conditions



  • BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS require all customers to pay a deposit, this is 50% (fifty percent) of the total rental item(s) and delivery fee (if applicable), upfront and in advance. 

    • This 50% (fifty percent) deposit is required in order to secure your booking, including:​

    1. Securing the date upon which items are to be rented on;

    2. Securing the exact items to be rented on that date.


  • Included in the invoice/total cost will be a Damage Deposit. This amount will be required as part of the second payment and will be refunded to the customer within 7 (seven) days of the items being returned, provided that the rentals are returned in the same condition that they were rented out in.


  • Once BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS is in receipt of the 50% (fifty percent) deposit amount from you, only then will we confirm the booking in writing. 

    • No booking will be confirmed unless the 50% (fifty percent) deposit payment is received by us AND we send you a confirmation email, confirming receipt of the deposit and confirming that the booking is confirmed.

    • If you have made the 50% (fifty percent) deposit payment and have not yet received a confirmation email from us confirming the booking, it remains your responsibility to follow up and request a confirmation email. 





  • Once you have received a confirmation email from BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS, confirming your booking, the FULL outstanding balance for the rental will become owing due and payable 14 (fourteen) days prior to the confirmed event date.


  • In the circumstance that your event date is within 14 (fourteen) days or less, from the time of booking, BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS requires the FULL amount for the rental to be paid upfront and in advance, for the booking to be confirmed. 





  • If the booking is cancelled for any reason, within 30 (thirty) days or less prior to your event date, the 50% (fifty percent) deposit paid will be forfeited to BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS.



  • Any item rented out which is not returned by the agreed upon return date, stated on the invoice, will incur a penalty fee equal to 50% (fifty percent) of the total rental cost, per item for each day that it is overdue.


  • For any item rented out which is lost, damaged, broken, burnt, torn, stained, damaged from wax, snagged or in the sole opinion of BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS is in a worse condition than it was when it was rented out the refundable damage deposit paid will be forfeited, will incur a penalty fee equal to any repair or replacement costs above the amount of damage deposit.

    • This replacement cost will be issued via invoice and the full amount stipulated therein, is due owing and payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

  • BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS will inspect all items when they are:

    1.  Collected or picked-up by the customer for the rental period;

    2.  Dropped-off at the required delivery address stipulated by the customer;

    3.  Returned by the customer after the rental;

    4.  Collected or picked-up from the customer or location where they were used, after the rental

  • Once BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS has inspected all the items to be rented, at the time you collect them or at the time that they are delivered, BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS will make note of any current damage and/or imperfections which exist on the those rental items and make you aware of that damage.

    1. Should any new damage exist on the rentals, other than that already mentioned to you, at the time of the rental being collected by you or delivered to you, you will be liable for any such new damage that BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS finds on those items. 





  • BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS has the sole and exclusive right and discretion to refuse any pickup of items, if the vehicle which the customer intends to use for such collection, does not meet the required criteria for transport:

  1. The vehicle must be a hard-top covered vehicle;

  2. The vehicle must be fully enclosed


  • BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS offers delivery within 100 kilometres of Airdrie and will charge a Delivery/Collection Fee in order to deliver/collect rented items to and from a specific address requested by the customer. 

    • This Delivery/Collection fee will be calculated on the exact inventory requested, location (where items are to be delivered/collected) and all deliveries/collections are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.





  • Customers must ensure that the items rented are treated with the utmost respect and care whilst renting them.

    1. When not in use, all rented items must be kept inside overnight, in a fully enclosed building or trailer which is secure and locked at all times. 

    2. Rentals must not be left outside in the elements, in wet areas or bad weather, however items may be taken outside briefly with care taken in inclement weather.

    3. No pets or animals of any kind are permitted on any of the items or furniture.

    4. No smoking or vaping or similar activities are permitted near or on the rental items or furniture.

    5. Caution must be taken, when food or beverages are consumed on or near rental items or furniture.

    6. All tableware must be cleaned before being returned. These items must be hand washed only. Under no circumstance can any dishwashers or industrial/commercial dishwashers be used. 

    7. For mirrors or windows being used as signs only water-based paint markers are permitted. These items must be cleaned (writing removed) before being returned. 





BLUSH VINTAGE RENTALS only accept the following forms of payment:


  1. Electronic Funds Transfer